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What Is a Taper Candle?

Mar. 09, 2021

What Is a Taper Candle?

Taper candles are tall and thin candles, and their burning time depends on the height of the candle. When people think of candles, they usually think of taper candles because they are very common and widely used. Any store that sells candles should provide taper candles, as people often say, in a variety of sizes, colors, and scents. It is a good idea to put a few small candles at home in case of a power outage.

There are many ways to make taper candles. Some companies use traditional methods to dip taper candles. Dip candles are made by repeatedly dipping a candle wick into a pot of wax. Most manufacturers circle an extra-long candle wick so that they can make two candles at the same time. One advantage of dipping is that it allows candle producers to change the color, creating a colorful array of layers in a candle. Well-made dipped candles are also very smooth, although some manufacturers deliberately create uneven appearances for aesthetics.

The taper can also be manufactured in a mold. The molds are convenient because they can be mass-produced, very common candles, and unusual shapes. For example, the taper can be shaped into a star shape, or the ridge can be made into a ridged candle in a mold. When the candle is formed, the candle maker can also decorate the inside of the candle, such as dried flowers, beads, etc.

Candles can also be produced with beeswax tablets. Beeswax candles are made by rolling beeswax around a wick. They are known for their very rich and delicate fragrance, which many people find pleasant. Beeswax candles tend to be much more expensive than traditional candles.

The wax used to make candles is very different. Clean burning waxes like soybeans are popular, although paraffin wax and other materials can also be used. If desired, wax can also be dyed or scented, although ordinary white candles are usually quite rich.

Tapers must be burned on the candlestick, otherwise they will collapse, spread the flames, and cause a mess. There are a variety of candlestick styles to choose from to match various interior design schemes. If necessary, put the candle in a jar full of sand, let the sand fix the candle and let it burn.

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